Try Something Different

I've done my best to create a few different skins for this site. All the content is the same in each view; the only difference is the single stylesheet page which, of course, changes all of the graphics and the layout. You can click on the name of a skin to activate it, or click the screenshot link to see what the skin looks like. Or is supposed to look like, at any rate.

If you are lucky enough to know about the CSS Zen Garden, then you may notice some similarities in the idea of the site. Believe it or not, I actually designed this site before I knew about the Zen Garden. If you are not lucky enough to have heard about it, then hurry up and discover the beauty of CSS design.


Yes, it looks like a shiny blog CMS. No, it is not. I made it all by myself!


I'm getting all color coordinated on you! I actually surprised myself at how much I like the way this turned out. I based the idea on a flash site I saw at work.

Version 3

Short, sweet, to the point. I wanted this design to be simple, yet elegant. It doesn't work in MSIE because I haven't debugged it yet. And because MSIE doesn't play nice.

3D Grey

Careful with this one. It has lots of hovers and animation: bobbing navigation balls and retractable holograms. It might break your browser. It will not work at all in MSIE. Don't say I didn't warn you.
This one was the first I completed, and probably spent the most time on, as well.


Since I started working for DMS, I have used Macs almost exclusively. And I have to confess, I have grown more than a little accustomed to the features and layout of Mac OS X. Also, since it is based on BSD Unix, I can open up a terminal and feel right at home. Anyway, here's a skin that uses some OS X widgets (and icons from KDE, since Linux is my friend).


I found this image on my harddrive, and decided it would make a neat background for new skin. So i tossed this skin together in about 5 or 6 hours. Again, simple, yet elegant. I gave this skin a fluid width, unlike the previous skins that needed a static width. Try resizing your browser window!


Even shorter, sweeter and more to the point than Version 3. Zero graphics.


Before I went to a CSS-driven layout, I had a tabled layout that looked like this. I recreated the look and feel of the old, tabled site, as well as made a few minor improvments to the layout.


As plain as it can get. No styling at all. If you have a browser that can disable stylesheets, it will look like this. See what's "underneath" all of these snazzy skins.